Church Directory

Bishop Warren J. Hoard, Pastor
Elder Jesse McDowell, Assistant Pastor
Elder Wilson Brigance, 2nd Assistant Pastor
Elder Jerome Johnson, Youth Pastor
(If you would like to reach any of our Pastors please contact the church secretary).

Deacon Aaron Davis Jr.
Church Administrator & Financial Secretary
312-243-5190 Ext. 16

Deacon Tyree Johnson
Assistant Financial Secretary
312-243-5190 Ext. 16

Evang. Norma Cruz
Church Secretary
312-243-5190 Ext. 10

Sis. Valarya Paxton
OFFICIAL BOARD Communications Liaison
312-243-5190 Ext. 15

D.R. Bell Apostolic Bible College
Sis. Regina Brownlow, Office Manager
312-243-5190 Ext. 13

Sister Sallie Fields
C.T.A.F.C. Federal Credit Union
312-243-5190 Ext. 12

Elder William Henley
Sunday school Superintendent
312-243-5190 Ext. 17

First Lady Janice Hoard
312-243-5190 Ext. 18