Christ Temple Apostolic Faith Church History

The late Elder Charles H. Hutchins founded Christ Temple Church in or about 1924 at 1307 W. Hastings Street. The church later moved to a location on Blue Island Avenue and from there to 1402 W. Roosevelt Rd. Upon the death of Elder Hutchins, in 1942, Elder Samuel M. Barnes, his assistant, became pastor. Under the pastorate of the late Elder Barnes the church began purchase of its first real property located at 1719 Roosevelt Rd. In about 1946, the church was incorporated as the Christ Temple Apostolic Faith Church. The saints worshipped in this storefront until they marched into the church building formerly located on this site in November 1953. Then D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R struck! On May 25, 1958, the church was destroyed by fire. Pastor Barnes, having been incapacitated by illness for about two years, was greatly shaken by this tragic loss. It seemed as if all that had been acquired over the years, through sacrifice and toil, had been lost. But the saints found great consolation in Romans 8:28; “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose.”

After about three years of confinement to his sick bed, Elder Barnes passed away on November 12, 1958. Elder D. R. Bell, his son in the gospel, succeeded him as our pastor. For approximately two years, the saints worshipped at the Union Hall located at 113 S. Ashland Boulevard. In the interim, Elder Bell began shopping for a church. After considering plans submitted by four different architects, he decided that the plans submitted by architect Joel Hillman of Chicago were the most desirable. The result of that decision is this “House of God” which was dedicated to His service on June 19, 1960; and now houses Samuel Barnes Christian Academy & D. R. Bell Apostolic Bible College (formerly Midwest Apostolic Bible College).

In just a few years this church has enjoyed a steady ministerial growth of Dr. Bell from Elder to District Elder to Bishop, Pastor, Diocesan, Assistant Presiding Bishop, Bishop of the P.C.A.F., Inc. and presently former Bishop of the P.C.A.F., Inc. Christ Temple, having been through the fire both figuratively and literally, can praise God without ceasing and thank Him for His manifold blessings, from where He has brought us. For He has proven His great love for us, the sons of men, by redeeming us from sin and pouring out spiritual and material blessings upon us.