Bishop Warren Joel Hoard, Pastor

Bishop Warren Joel Hoard was born in Chicago, Illinois on February 16, 1933 to the proud parents; Mr. William Henry and Mrs. Hilldora Hoard. He was the sixth child born of a total of nine children. Warren received his High School diploma from Lindbloom High School located in Chicago’s south side. Warren personality has been one of a fun-loving and talkative individual.

As a young man, he worked as a News paperboy while still attending school. Warren took then took on the position of manager of a paper route agency after he graduated from Lindbloom High School in June of 1952. Afterwards, he was employed at Sterline Shower Company where he remained for ten years. Then in 1954, he met at Sterline a beautiful co-worker, Ms. Mary B. Robbins and in August of 1955, Warren and Mary were joined together in marriage.

In November of 1955, Warren received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost at Englewood Apostolic Faith Church under the pastorate of District Elder Brady Robinson. In December of 1995, his wife Mary also received the gift of the Holy Ghost. They were both faithful members of the Englewood Church until 1960 when Bro. Warren, Sis. Mary and their young family moved to Bethel Apostolic Faith Church, under the pastorate of District Elder O.H. Carter. In 1962, Bro. Warren received his call to preach the word of God and a few years later in 1965 he obtained his ministerial license.

In 1967, Minister Hoard moved his membership to Christ Temple Apostolic Faith Church under the leadership of the late Bishop D. Rayford Bell (Elder Bell at the time). After being at Christ Temple Church for about five years, Elder Hoard was elevated and appointed as Assistant Pastor. In 1978, Elder Hoard was ordained and was later elevated to the position of District Elder. After many years serving faithfully as the assistant pastor, the late Dr. D. Rayford Bell bestowed upon him the position of Associate Pastor of Christ Temple Apostolic Faith Church, Chicago. On March 15, 2002, the late Dr. D. Rayford Bell under the “unction” of the Holy Ghost appointed District Elder Hoard as Pastor of Christ Temple Church.

Bishop Hoard in 1976, graduated from DR Bell Apostolic Bible College (formerly the Midwest Apostolic Bible College with a BS in Christian Education. He was part of the “first” graduation class with accomplishments from DR Bell Apostolic Bible College. Bishop Hoard went on to further his biblical studies while attending Trinity Theological Seminary and Trinity College of the Bible. In June of 2001, he was bestowed a BS degree of Baccalaureate of Christian Ministries from DR Bell Apostolic Bible College.

In November of 1997, Bishop Hoard lost his beloved wife of 42 years. Through this God kept him strong and blessed him with staying power. On June 26, 1999, Bishop Hoard married one of his best friends; Sister Janice Denton. As stated by him, “she was his wonderful bundle of grace.”

During the 2011 Pentecostal Churches of the Apostolic Faith Inc., National Convention, he was elevated to the office of Jurisdictional Bishop. On June 1, 2014 the presiding prelate, Bishop J.E. Moore while speaking at Christ Temple Church during the Pastoral Appreciation services, announced that he “is” elevating him to the position of an “full fledge” Bishop.

Bishop Hoard has held many positions in his walk with the Lord including Assistant Chairman of IL State Council Youth Auxiliary, Scout Leader, and instructor of the Homiletics class at DR Bell Apostolic Bible College. He is currently the Sunday School Teacher of Ministers Class and a faithful supporter of the Brother’s Prayer, both at Christ Temple Church.

God has blessed Bishop Hoard to be a Minister, Husband, Son, Father (ten children), Grandfather, Great-Grandfather, Brother, Godfather, Father-in-Law and Uncle. Many lives have been touched and blessed through his ministry. God has used him to bring many souls to be saved in the name of Jesus Christ.